George Lois Blasts Esquire for Electronic Cover (and Then Some)

1029loistalk.jpgA quick video well worth your time wherein advertising/magazine design great George Lois talks shop with Ad Age about his new book, stopping along the way to chat about how much he disliked Esquire‘s much-discussed October issue and some negatives about magazines in general. But beyond the bad, it’s always a blast to hear Lois talk, even if you don’t agree with what he has to say. Here’s the synopsis:

Legendary magazine and advertising designer George Lois doesn’t think much of Esquire‘s recent attempt to promote the battery-powered cover of its October issue as the start of a new age. He said that as a former Esquire art director he was “embarrassed” by the “silly gimmick” that was not in keeping with the publication’s stature. In a video interview with Ad Age media reporter Nat Ives, Mr. Lois also had some similarly critical things to say about the New Yorker as well as his own relationship with Advertising Age.