Geodelic Needs Overqualified Web Savvy Writers Who Don’t Want to Work for Money

Welcome to our weekly public shaming: Geodelic is a Santa Monica start up who needs writers – authors actually who will create content for their app. They need people who know the town, can do reviews, point out attractions, take pictures, edit pictures, make clean copy, travel and the pay is $50 per approved guide. Oh and you need a BA and have to know photoshop. And they expect a cover letter.


See ad:

Los Angeles Guide Author
Content | Glendale / Santa Monica / Ventura, CA, United States

The Job:
Geodelic is seeking an employee who will make detailed Guides of the best attractions / restaurants / etc in Los Angeles! Must be detail oriented with strong writing skills, and have great knowledge of Web 2.0.

About Us:
Geodelic is a high-energy Santa Monica based startup company working on a groundbreaking location aware iPhone App. We are staffed by a team of successful entrepreneurs in the Southern California area, and funded by top tier venture capital. We have a fun working environment with an focus on building a great user experience.

Web-Savvy – Web 2.0
Photography skills – taking pictures in buildings and around the city
Basic Photoshop skill – ability to edit photos and logos for Guides
Must be able to type and write proficiently.
Bachelors Degree from Accredited University.
Create all inclusive Guides containing logos, images, and all features of the very best attractions / restaurants / etc within the city.
$50 per completed and approved Guide

How to Apply:
Upload resume and cover letter, and answer a set of screening questions.

Please be prepared to provide samples to illustrate your relevant experience upon request

Hat tip Lisa Horowitz. Her Twitter is here.