Genwi Releases DIY iPad Publishing Tools

Genwi, a Los Altos, CA start-up, wants to make building iPad apps as simple as starting a WordPress blog. The company has released a tool that lets publishers create iPad apps based on templates, or for more advanced users through HTML5 and CSS . Genwi’s platform already supports tools for building iPhone and Android apps.

Tech Crunch has more: “GENWI’s iPad platform will allow publications and media companies (and everyone in between) to create cloud-backed iPad apps on the fly. According to GENWI Co-founder Raju Sagiraju, the solution is customizable and offers a branded experience for publishers. Adding new content and updates to apps is obviously extremely important to publishers, so GENWI’s solution offers flexible client architecture, just as it provides optimized templates and themes (a la WordPress) that enable businesses to shorten the app design process and duration.”

Via The L.A. Times.