Generate Buzz for Your Clients in Fit Pregnancy


Niche magazines are perfect for publicists looking to pitch their newest product. You know exactly what kind of readers the publication is targeting and can therefore customize what you’re promoting as you see fit.

Fit Pregnancy is one such magazine. With a circulation of 500,000 and a happy, upbeat tone, this pregnancy pub is always open to PR pros. Just be aware of its longer lead time (around six months) and communicate your pitch effectively, so the editors understand the timeliness and novelty of what you’re selling:

For publicists looking to generate buzz for their pregnancy and baby products, “new” is the key word that will unlock the door to Fit Pregnancy‘s pages. “We’re always looking for something that’s new, or that has something new about it,” said [deputy editor Andrea Bartz]. “So maybe the stroller isn’t new, but they’re just releasing it in the cutest new color, or there’s a really great update. If there’s something about a product that makes it first to market in some way or another, that will catch our attention.”

To hear more about this pub, including editors’ contact details, read: How To Pitch: Fit Pregnancy.

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