Gehry Teams with Halls, Gets Free Wine For Life


Oh to be a billionaire with a pet project. You want a private island so you can hunt man, the most dangerous animal of all, you buy that private island. You want to paint scenic landscapes as you have caviar delivered to you by mini helicopters while you ride atop a solid gold elephant, you have that all arranged by mid-afternoon. And when you start a boutique winery in Napa Valley, who do you have design it? Frank Gehry, of course. Such is the case with Craig and Kathryn Hall, who have decided to bring in the starchitect to develop their upcoming winery.

The winery’s signature structure will be a must-see wooden trellis enveloping the building as if you’d thrown a burlap blanket over it; a design so striking that it stops visitors in their tracks, even as it emphasizes movement.

“The trellis, which is sun protection, actually becomes the building ephemeral in a way. That was interesting. We have not done that before,” he says. Gehry’s designs respond to the torrid pace of the modern lifestyle, and his creativity makes sure his structures don’t get lost in the madness of motion. “The scene we are in is one of airplanes and cars, boats, everything is moving fast, fast, fast. So the idea is to express movement like in an airplane, like in a car, in a building. It appeals to me as an idea,” he says