Gehry and Skanska Start Calling Each Other Names


Despite John Maeda‘s impassioned plea to stop all the feuding, we have a feeling we’re just at the start of lots more mud-slinging to come. Architectural Record is reporting that Frank Gehry and general contractor Skanska USA, are publicly pointing figures at one another, trying to place the blame on the opposite party responsible for the leaky Stata Center. Well, rather, Gehry is coming out publicly to say it was Skanska’s fault, whereas executives are coming out in secrecy to say that it was really all Gehry — in their public statements, they’re saying nonconfrontational things like “we’re very dedicated to coming to a resolution to this situation.” But, as Arch. Record makes a point to say, even though both company names are on the lawsuit, it’s the high profile one, Gehry’s, that’s getting its name dragged around the most. So why not try to remind people there are three at this dance?