Gear Up For The Holidays: Popular Mechanics And Esquire Team With Amazon On Consumer Electronics Guide

Popular Mechanics and Esquire have teamed with Amazon’s Consumer Electronics Store and the Amazon Rewards Visa Card to present “The Digital Handbook” — available both electronically and in print — aimed at helping consumers learn about personal technology and home entertainment (… which is perfect for those shopping for electronics this holiday season, especially those among us who barely know how to work any of the three remote controls in our apartments).

The magazines’ editors came up with plenty of helpful content, including a “Guide to Home Theater Supremacy” and advice on “How to Choose a Camera.”

The printed version of the handbook will exist as a 24-page supplement in both Popular Mechanics and Esquire‘s January issues, mailed out to 1.6 million subscribers. The digital version will be emailed to certain Popular Mechanics, Esquire and Amazon consumers. For a limited time, you can also download the handbook through Amazon.