GE Taps Reuters, GM Slaps WaPo

While W. Geoffrey Beattie, president and CEO of The Woodbridge Company Ltd. – the majority shareholder of Thomson Reuters was being named to General Electric’s Board of Directors today, GM’s Vice Chairman Bob Lutz was firing off about WaPo.

Lutz described WaPo‘s article about General Motors, his leadership and the Chevy Volt that ran on Sunday as “incredibly inaccurate.”

Lutz on WaPo:

“Look, I know how it works. A reporter has a great idea for a story, with a terrific angle, and, even if the facts indicate otherwise, he can’t help but try to shoehorn the story into the angle. It’s just too good an idea! It may be in vain at times, but I do enjoy trying to straighten these people out.”

For the full scoop on Lutz and WaPo, check out the article on The Detroit Newssite.