Gazing Into the Kristol Ball: Thinking Outside the NYT Op-Ed Replacement Box

Over at Slate Jack Shafer thinks the perfect person to replace Bill Kristol’s space on the New York Times op-ed page is no one! (Shafer says he’d be astonished if Kristol ever spent more than 45 minutes on a column.) Instead Shafer would prefer to see it as some sort of revolving space for guest op-eders he wouldn’t usually get to read.

The Times occasionally runs Op-Extra columnists in the print edition, which I consider a treat because I usually don’t get around to hunting for them on the Web. If either Egan or Judson moved into Kristol’s old space for a year, I wouldn’t kick, nor would I protest if the space was reserved for the best of the Op-Extra columnists.

Here’s one better.

Why not hand over the space to a blogger? Or bloggers. The Times could take this opportunity to reverse the current trend wherein online blogs pick up mainstream print articles for posting and instead do a twice-weekly pick of what’s best on the web. There’s plenty of good stuff out there and it might be a good way to ease print devotees onto the web, which is surely where all newspapers are heading, sooner rather than later at this rate.