Gawker’s New Home?

Far be it for us to beat Gawker or its blood-brother over at Curbed to its own real estate news, but word on the Soho streets is that Gawker founder Nick Denton is eyeing space for his rag-tag NYC staff. The street-level retail space — at 89 Crosby between Spring and Prince, including a small entrance at 250 Lafayette — is within spitting distance of Denton’s own $1.87 million digs at 81 Spring, not to mention a block-and-a-half zig-zag from mediabistro HQ. Oh, and there appears to be an adjacent massage parlor — perfect.

Our source says Denton swooped in and outbid an actual retailer for the joint. The landlord says the space has been leased for $20,000 a month, but declined to confirm who its future inhabitants would be.

Nonetheless, there’s something uniquely — I don’t know, Gawkable? — about Denton and co.’s bloggy empire holding court in front of throngs of downtown passerbys, allowing people to presumably “gawk” at them. And the prospect of a retail-level Gawker Media raises a dizzying amount of questions:

  • Will they blog on the street from 7-10AM, Today Show-style?
  • Will there be a Gawker showroom?
  • How will their apartment-favoring bloggers deal with a terrestrial commute, if in fact they’ll be part of the move?
  • Did Gawker get in before the ‘hood’s post-Courtney Love inflation?
  • Will Denton pull the gate down at the end of the night? He’s plenty tall enough.

    If they are, in fact, moving in, I’d like to be the first to formally welcome the Gawkers to the neighborhood. Once y’all are settled, give me a call. We’ll meet at Balthazar. The foie gras is on me.

    More to come on this developing story.

    In the meantime, enjoy pics from the would-be Ground Zero of Snark after the jump.