Gawker Writer Calls Politico ‘Big Cheeses,’ ‘Journalistically Bankrupt’

Tom Scocca, who writes for Gawker, had email issues Thursday. That’s why he didn’t respond to questions on why he repeatedly slighted Politico by referring to the publication 19 times as  “The Politico” in a recent post.

But, by the day’s end, he was able to get in touch and provide reasoning behind his angst over Politico and its Monday story on the White House-news media relationship. The story had a double byline of White House correspondent Mike Allen and Executive Editor Jim VandeHei.

“I think my piece more or less speaks for itself,” Scocca said in an email. “There are and have been some fine reporters at (the) Politico, though it’s probably not in their best interest for me to praise them now.”

In Scocca’s post, he called Politico “America’s worst media outlet.” Asked if he was being hyperbolic, he said he’d “hate to have to choose between hyperbole and sincerity or to draw a line between a joke and a slight.”

He said in the past Politico has…“…done some straight-ahead, non-self-aggrandizing reporting about the real and newsworthy bad blood between the White House and the press. But the big cheeses, the ones who make the statement pieces like that one this week, are horrifying. Just intellectually and journalistically bankrupt. Honestly there’s nothing I could say about them that could be meaner or more damning than that piece they published was. It’s cruel self-parody.”

We’ve requested comment from Allen and VandeHei. Allen, as we wrote about earlier in the day, is busy consuming a cow in Buenos Aires.