Gawker Will Pay $100,000 to Play with Apple Tablet

While our readers were busily inventing fake Apple Tablet rumors, another blog decided to pay some real money for real rumors. Bloggers, journalists, gadget-heads, and Apple engineers will all be vying for tech journalism’s newest prize: Gawker will pay good money for pictures or video of the Apple Tablet.

The scale is helpfully laid out at ValleyWag: $10,000 for a picture, $20,000 for a video, and a whopping $100,000 for the chance to fiddle around with the device for an hour. If your best friend at Apple suddenly buys a new boat in February, you might want to ask some hard questions…

Here’s an excerpt from the post: “If you can find genuine photos, video or–the holy grail–the actual messiah machine itself, we’ll give you a cash prize…Anonymity of both the winners (and losers) is important to us: We’ll go to spycraft-level lengths to prevent anything being traced back to you…we’re not paying out any prizes until after Apple’s announcement. If your pics are fake, no money.”