Gawker To Go Mainstream With Focus ‘On Pop Culture and Less On Media’?

With its shakeup over the weekend, is Gawker — and, for that matter, its other media properties — going mainstream?

Via Jossip:

So why is all this happening? Because (Nick) Denton — who has long touted Gawker’s media insider vantage point — wants to take his flagship title more mainstream (read: mainstream = more pageviews = more ad dollars). And that means there’s no place for (Jesse) Oxfeld‘s endless Radar magazine updates and masthead shake up chronicling.

Via Nikki Finke‘s Deadline Hollywood Daily:

According to the many emails I’ve received, (Jesse) Oxfeld began immediately spinning his exit to NYC media at a Friday night party. He’s saying Gawker will focus more on pop culture and less on the media in the near future. Curious, since Gawker’s biggest buzz comes from its many media readers.

Finke, it should be noted, had a bit of a cyber-scuffle with Oxfeld over the latter’s posting of what Finke says was a “private e-mail exhange” without warning.

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