Gawker Media Upgrading Comments, Letting Users Generate Content

Alright, kids. Time to play media blog inside baseball again. At Tuesday’s NYC Tech Meet-Up, Gawker Media tech guru Tom Plunkett gave a presentation on Gawker’s new commenting platform which will be unveiled at end of week.

From all indications, it looks like Gawker is totally going after the social networking crowd, with the extra bonus of free content for the site:

  • Registered commenters will be given homepages that they can upload original content to, in a sort of micro-blog kind of way… with the promise of Gawker’s blogs publishing the best of the litter on their main pages.
  • Commenters will be able to friend other commenters.
  • RSS feeds for individual commenters will be upgraded.
  • According to CenterNetworks, there will be some sort of Facebook tie-in as well.
  • Users will be able to comment anonymously.
  • The homepage option will be opened up to all Gawker readers, not just registered commenters.

    Well played, Gawker. Well played.