Gawker Lashes Out at Politico’s Dylan Byers

Media reporters are quickly turning on one another in the wake of the Bill O'Reilly controversy.

20140512js_dylan_byers_045Media reporters are quickly turning on one another in the wake of the Bill O’Reilly controversy.

In his piece, boldly entitled “Politico’s Dylan Byers Works for Fox News PR,” Gawker’s Tom Sococca called Dylan Byers “the dumbest media reporter alive” for his Politico article “Why the Bill O’Reilly charges aren’t sticking.”

Sococca accuses Byers of unfairly targeting Fareed Zakaria for plagiarizing, while giving O’Reilly a pass — even suggesting that by Byers’ “own semantic standards,” he “works for Fox PR.”

“It’s almost as if Dylan Byers writes the things that Fox News wants to see written. Certainly, the work he is doing on the O’Reilly story advances the interpretations that the Fox News PR department wants advanced.

By Byers’ own semantic standards, then, it would be accurate to say that Dylan Byers works for Fox PR.”

Byers fired back on Twitter yesterday, citing his interactions with Fox’s PR people.