Sister of Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Still Suspects Foul Play

According to Daniel Miller’s Hollywood Reporter interview piece with the wife and sister of missing Fox executive Gavin Smith, who mysteriously disappeared May 1, no helpful case info came out of a related June LASD search of a drug dealer’s home in West Hills.

In lieu of new developments, Smith’s 57-year-old wife Lisa says her sons can barely function while she has been unable to complete a recent and equally daunting task:

In late August, Gavin Smith’s remaining personal effects were quietly removed from his Calabasas office and delivered by the studio to his home. But Lisa says the boxes, which contain such items as framed family photos and golf trophies remain on her porch… “It’s been tough to bring them into the house,” says Smith.

Smith’s sister Tara Addeo tells Miller she suspects foul play. So too do the first two article commenters.

However, there is another very real possibility, as mentioned by a reader on Perhaps, they wrote, Smith was killed when he accidentally drove off a steep west LA canyon road. If that’s the case, previous such instances have often shown that the body and vehicle cannot be spotted until thick spring-summer foliage dies off in the fall. Read Miller’s full article here.

[Anyone with relevant information should send it to or call LAPD detectives at (323) 890-5500]