Garden Grove To Get Theme Park–But What About the Casino?


Curbed LA, the blog for all things real estate, picks up on a LA Times story about theme parks being sold (Magic Mountain) and theme parks being built (Garden Grove):

In a remarkable case of theme park karma, despite sketchy details, it looks like Korean and Hong Kong-based investors are willing to pour about $8 billion into a town known until now, for its strawberry festival.

Garden Grove has been trying to steal Anaheim’s tourist wealth for years, and was all hot for casino gambling, but those dreams were squashed.

Curbed should learn not to believe everything in the LA Times, because Garden Grove’s chief attraction for Asian investors isn’t little red berries, but rather the lure of little red chips, as the LA Times writer Dave McKibben well knows, but curiously chose not to mention. He really loves that Strawberry Festival as he mentions it in every story.

But Google tells the truth:
Results 1 – 10 of about 293,000 for “Garden Grove” + Casino
Results 1 – 10 of about 12,400 for “Garden Grove” + “Strawberry Festival”.

FBLA thinks McKibben must be kidding.