Gap Gets on Warhol Marketing Bandwagon

Gap founders Donald and Doris Fisher own a slew of works by Andy Warhol, including a “Triple Elvis” and a series of Mick Jagger portraits, but you needn’t wait until the Fishers’ planned San Francisco art museum opens to get a hefty dose of Warhol. Just stop by a Gap store, where the windows currently look like this:


(Gap Inc.).jpgGap store windows nationwide (at least as far as we can tell) are featuring Warhol’s 1963-64 self portrait and a polyptych of silk-screened images of Judith Green (also from 1963-64) alongside the brand’s spring collection, which itself has a somewhat Warholian flair. The company’s website even features a photo of an adrogynous model with a cropped platinum ‘do (next season, just add large round glasses for an instant David Hockney vibe!).

Of course, Barneys filled its own store windows with Warholiana back in 2006 as part of the successful “Happy Warholidays” campaign, and Bulgari recently plastered billboards with Warhol’s quote comparing the jeweler to a contemporary art museum. The Barneys deal seems to have kicked off a licensing binge at the Andy Warhol Foundation. Now, in addition to the Warhol-branded Levi’s jeans we mentioned yesterday, one can buy everything from tote bags and watches to salad plates and a Burton snowboard emblazoned with reproductions of Warhol works. The newest Warhol-themed product launch comes from Bond No. 9, which next month will introduce Andy Warhol Union Square, the second in the company’s series of Warhol-themed fragrances. And the artist would surely endorse this move from the visual to the olfactory stage. As he once said, “Another way to take up more space is with perfume.”