Gap Aims for Authenticity, Launches Fall Campaign Featuring Its Design Studio

The last couple of years have been fairly rough on retail giant Gap. From their founder suddenly passing away, to allegations of design theft, to the great logo redesign debacle of last year, to the exits of their famous former executive vice president, Patrick Robinson, and Todd Oldham from Old Navy, it’s been something of a roller coaster. Add to that lagging sales (the LA Times reports that “profit fell 23% to $233 million” and that the “company’s stock is down 13% year-to-date”) and there seem to be some pieces to pick up and some “dust off and try something new” in order. Enter the retailer’s new fall campaign, which is set to spotlight their denim design studio in Los Angeles, giving “a transparent look at the designers and how they come together each day to create the latest in denim fits, fabrics and washes,” by showing that this design studio of theirs “feels like the personal atelier of a denim architect, not the headquarters of a global brand.” So if authenticity is the new black, that’s what they seem to be gunning for. Decide for yourself how successful you think the effort might pan out for them in this, the two-minute launch film for the new campaign: