GannonGate Update


Last week we wrote about the burgeoning mini-scandal involving pseudonymous Talon News’s Jeff Gannon, the softball-throwing reporter who, despite having no known background in journalism or any proof that he represents a legitimate news agency regularly attends White House briefings and gets to interrogate the president. Today Howard Kurtz has picked up the story.

“Gannon,” or as he’s come to known by those netizens investigating him “PropaGannon,” who still refuses to divulge his real name, called Fishbowl on Friday afternoon to chat about the latest developments, and enjoy a good laugh about all of the dead ends people have run into investigating who he is.

Gannon says he’s received a variety of threats over the past week–including one genius who suggested robbing him on the street to steal his wallet and examine the driver’s license. Another Sherlock Holmes suggested the bright idea that if he crashed his car into Gannon’s car, they’d have to exchange names and insurance information. DailyKos has now posted a “no stalking” rule re: GannonGate.

And in a sure sign that he’s achieved his 15 minutes of fame, someone even launched a Jeff Gannon parody blog last week.

Over at DailyKos, where too many people with time on their hands continue to dive ever deeper into the web of mystery surrounding Gannon, they’ve discovered that the same person who owns Gannon’s website also owns a host of other sketchy websites like,,, and

The Boston Globe became the first MSM outlet to pick up the story last week and then

Editor & Publisher also dug into the story, quoting a bunch of White House reporters who aren’t big Gannon fans, and finding that he was rejected by the body that governs Congressional press passes:

Julie Davis, a reporter at The Sun of Baltimore and a member of [the Standing Committee of Correspondents], said Gannon approached the group in April 2004 seeking a Capitol Hill credential for Talon News, but he was refused.

“We asked for evidence that they were an independent news organization,” Davis told E&P. “That they were not connected to a political organization, and they could not provide that, so we denied them their credential.” She also said Talon News could not prove it carried paid advertising or paid circulation, two other criteria for approval.

We’ll keep you posted if anything further develops or if he calls us again and volunteers his real name. If you really can’t get enough of this story, we suggest you a) get a life and b) tune into Thursday’s online radio show where Gannon will take listeners’ calls.