Gannett Expands USA Today Inserts

Wall Street Journal media reporter Lukas I. Alpert has the details

For more than a year, Gannett has been inserting content from USA Today into 35 of its other newspapers. The benefits, per a report by the Wall Street Journal’s Lukas I. Alpert, have been sizable:

“What we found with our papers was that [subscriber turnover] dropped in every market and [the inserts] increased the amount of money people would spend on a subscription,” said Larry Kramer , USA Today’s president and publisher. “We were able to unlock value – many millions of dollars in fact – just inside the Gannett network.” He said it was a “no-brainer” to extend the idea to new partners.

As a result, Gannett is expanding the partnership. Per Alpert, the media company will officially announce on Thursday that it is partnering with nine additional outside outlets and chains, including New Jersey newspaper the Record.

Concidentally, Alpert’s paper this year discontinued a similar arrangement, Wall Street Sunday, which repackaged content for 67 newspapers. He writes that the program was profitable.