Gannett Scaling Back Metromix New York

Only a month after laying off editorial staffers at seven Metromix sites across the country to become “Metromix Express,” the news is coming that Gannett is also scaling back its flagship Metromix site serving New York.

The editor, Kirk Miller, broke the news to his writers yesterday. Capital New York called the move a “shuttering” as Miller’s farewell memo said that Metromix New York was “no more,” but a Gannett spokesperson says that the company is “evaluating all of our options” for the future of the site.

However, “Some Metromix employees in editorial, advertising sales, administration and business operations” were laid off, the spokesperson said.

We assume that this means that Metromix NY is also becoming a “Metromix Express,” which means it will feature content aggregated from elsewhere.

No word on how this affects Gannett’s 18 other Metromix sites, or the 39 that are owned by the Chicago Tribune.