Gannett Land Sale

We brought this to your attention last week and today the Post reports on the recent Tysons Corner land sale by Gannett.

    Gannett has sold an eight-acre tract of land for about $48 million at its Tysons Corner headquarters, which also houses its national newspaper, USA Today.

    The purchaser, MRP Realty of Washington, plans to build 537,000 square feet of office space with its financial partner Rockpoint Group of Boston, according to Robert J. Murphy, managing principal at MRP.

    The land includes a field for employees to play baseball and soccer, but “it wasn’t getting a large use” said Tara Connell, a Gannett spokeswoman.

    Connell said Gannett didn’t need the land and MRP “gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse.”

    Gannett moved to the 30-acre property in 2001.