Gamevil’s Air Penguin Surpasses $1M in Revenue

In what will serve as a useful benchmark for gauging revenue for other top-ranked paid apps, Gamevil’s Air Penguin surpassed $1 million in revenue. It had been ranked among the top 10 paid apps for 25 days in the U.S. since its release on April 14 (see the chart from AppAnnie below).

The app was priced at $0.99 so South Korea’s Gamevil and the tiny studio that developed the game, Enterfly, may walk away with at least $700,000 in revenue after Apple’s 30 percent cut.

The game, which puts players in control of a penguin who has been separated from his family after a heat wave splits Antarctica, is a simple platformer title. The character leaps from iceberg to iceberg avoiding sharks and encountering the occasional whale or sea lion. We reviewed the game favorably, saying it just had a lot of style and was hilarious and fun.

As for Gamevil themselves, they’re a gaming company based out of South Korea and Los Angeles that went public in 2000. They earned about $2.8 million (or 3 billion South Korean won) in smartphone revenues in the first quarter of this year.