GamerSafe Integrates Social Gold As Payments Provider

Social Gold, a popular virtual currency and payments solution provider, announced yesterday that their payments platform will be made available in GamerSafe’s community of over 10,000 online game developers and publishers. This will enable microtransactions payments from within any GamerSafe game, and is a move to increase the ARPU for these games. GamerSafe is a service that allows game developers to add unique features to their games: universally saved games, achievements, microtransactions and virtual currency.

Social Gold has been forging strong new partnerships recently, and this news comes only months after they announced that they would be powering the payments for, a leading web games portal with over 57 million users. This aggressive expansion matches efforts by other virtual currency payments providers like Kweddit and Zong Mobile, but the nature of virtual goods payments systems results in strong competition from other companies as well. At the end of the day, the user’s incentive is to gain virtual currency in their game, and when it’s time to make the decision they will only choose one of the various options. Whether it’s through offer providers like Offerpal or SuperRewards, or through banner-based install networks like AdParlor, or through local deals with Peanut Labs, the user now has several ways to get that virtual currency. All these companies, Social Gold included, are engaged in a turf war to get the most users to use their method of payment to get their virtual currency. Read more about the news here.

Another piece of news today highlights just this issue. RockYou, the application developer and advertising network, just announced their RockYou Monetization Platform (RYMP). The platform would also consider as a competitor, because it provides the “Marketplace” element, which features “virtual currency payments that result in up to four times completion rates compared to traditional offers”. The offering also includes display ads, game ads and video ads for developers to diversify their monetization option. Read more about this here.

Certainly, the competition is heating up and new players are entering the game almost daily. We’ll keep you posted on any new information.

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