Gameloft unveils its first Unreal powered game, Wild Blood

French mobile developer Gameloft has finally unveiled its first Unreal Engine powered game, Wild Blood.

The title looks to be an action adventure game style game, similar in execution to Epic’s top grossing Infinity Blade Titles. Wild Blood is a new IP for Gameloft and appears to be set in a medieval fantasy world, and is based on the story  of an as-yet unrevealed historical figure.

In Feburary 2011 Gameloft announced that World War II themed first person shooter March of Heroes would be its first Unreal Engine powered title. The press had the opportunity to play the game at E3 and other private events, but the game was canceled in September 2011 so the developers could focus on “more awesome games,” Gameloft said.

Although Gameloft has not announced how it will monetize Wild Blood, its likely it will copy the model its found success with for its recent hits like The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man. Those apps command a premium paid app price of $6.99, but also feature additional in-app purchases — the same pricing model used by for Infinity Blade. Although the app market is shifting in favour of free-to-play titles, for core gamer-focused titles, the combination of premium paid and in-app purchases can be extremely lucrative. Infinity Blade II was able to earn $5 million  in its first month of release, and 60 percent of Gameloft’s smartphone sales now come from in-app purchases.

Wild Blood will be released on iOS and Android in the near future.