Gaiam to Release 16 Enhanced eBooks via Vook

Vook and the fitness and wellness publisher Gaiam announced yesterday that they had just released a total of 16 enhanced eBooks.

These titles, now available in iBooks and the Kindle Store, represent the first ebooks to be made as part Vook’s shift from being an ebook publisher to being a conversion service. The 16 titles all focus on one or another aspect of yoga, and 11 were produced with the help of the yoga guru, Rodney Yee.

“Gaiam’s ongoing goal is to make content readily available across all platforms therefore, this partnership with Vook is a natural evolution for us,” says Bill S. Sondheim, President, Gaiam. “We are thrilled to work with such an established leader in the industry,” he adds.

Vook recently launched VookCreator, its new third party enhanced eBook creator. VookCreator expands on the earlier MotherVook and offers more options and greater flexibility for authors and publishers to make their own enhanced eBooks.

Gaiam is only the first to be publicly named as a partner, but Vook has actually been working with partners for some months now to produce their ebooks via VookCreator.