Gaga Frenzy Paralyzes Amazon

Promotional deal hits pause on downloading

Those little monsters waiting patiently for Lady Gaga’s latest album may have to wait a bit longer if they want to buy the tracks on Amazon. The company’s one-day, 99-cent promotion of “Born This Way” was so popular with users that the site itself couldn’t handle the frenzy. Download delays and an inability to acquire the full album, marred users' Lady Gaga digital purchase experience, leaving lackluster reviews, while shedding light on why Amazon doesn’t yet hold a candle to iTunes in online music sales.

Though most user complaints were aimed at Amazon’s service, not the album itself, the poor buyer experience sunk the much-anticipated albums ratings lower than might have otherwise been expected. Amazon has reached out to buyers via its own site and Twitter to reassure Gaga fans that their purchases made yesterday, at the promotional price, will be delivered.