Funny or Die Launches New Political Site

Funny or Die has always had a heavy political bent. Not just political humor either. The site hasn’t shied away from advocacy if the issue was right (and by right we mean left). So it was no surprise that with the 2012 election heating up, Funny or Die has decided to launch a new political site they’re calling Live Funny or Die. They kicked things off with a bit casting Mike Tyson as Herman Cain. Don’t know if they chose Tyson before or after Cain’s sexual harassment allegations came to light, but, either way, great call.

It will be curious so see just how far Live Funny or Die takes its political statements. We haven’t seen a whole lot of mainstream Hollywood support for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Is Live Funny or Die just an easy to find index for political humor in the run-up to the election? Or is it a sign of the site’s willingness to push its political advocacy further?

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