Fullscreen Introduces New Features for Video Creators

'Creators Platform' includes new apps and analytics info

Fullscreen, a YouTube network that boasts upwards of 10,000 channels, has introduced new apps and analytics offerings aimed at helping its stable of video creators build larger followings, and ultimately to make more money.

The Fullscreen Creators Platform, as the set of features is dubbed, includes an extensive collection of tools and apps, including the SEO Tracker App and Trends App, which are noted in the company's announcement of the new platform. Other new tools on the platform focus on video descriptions, scheduling and comments. "This is just the beginning of Fullscreen Apps—look out for more," wrote Jay Stakelon, svp of product at Fullscreen.

Analytics also appear to be a major focus of the platform—as is improving monetization. For example, users can see financial data as well as social and traffic numbers that relate to their videos. "Gain unparalleled transparency into your earnings with up-to-date earnings reports, outstanding balance and detailed monthly financial statements that break earnings down to the channel- and video-levels," wrote Stakelon.

A version of the Fullscreen Creators Platform is coming to Apple's iOS, according to the company, which recently took on investment from Comcast and WPP.

It's worth noting that YouTube actually expanded its own analytics platform in late 2011. "You’ve been able to discover who is watching your videos and where they’re coming from for awhile now on YouTube, through Insight. Now we want to make it even easier to learn about your audience, so we’ve replaced Insight with YouTube Analytics," the company said at the time in a blog post.

But it seems Fullscreen is looking to be a one-stop shop for its clients with this new platform, which arrives during a time of considerable angst among the YouTube community.

Fullscreen put together a video tour of the platform: