Full Review of Hadid and Flamand’s Dance Fever ’07


Following up on a story last week about the big Hadid-Flamand dance-off at the Lincoln Center Festival, “Metapolis II,” Apollinaire Scher over at Newsday has a full review of the piece. And, somewhat surprising to us, it turns out that Hadid gets all the high marks and Flamand’s choreography gets the harsh words. We just kinda figured it would be the other way around, given that Hadid was wandering around someone else’s turf with all this dance business, but we guess not. Here’s some:

Flamand, who has made a career of working with architects, cedes the space to his famous partner, who seizes it with megalomaniacal fervor. Besides an ever-shifting array of costumes in brilliantly odd color combinations and the constant rearrangement of the bridges (with the dancers doubling as stagehands), the back scrim never ceases its visual jabber. Letters fall like rain, space-age architectural models zoom in and out, carports go up in smoke and — most mesmerizing — live-camera feeds present the dancers in strange new settings.

On stage, a soloist may simply be wriggling on the floor. On screen, the floor becomes a tunnel of cars zipping by. Now a mermaid of the air, the dancer undulates mere yards in front of our windshield. Soon she will go splat! The live dancing can’t possibly compete with this drama.