Media Having Fun with The Naked Cowboy

The first sentence of the Associated Press item reads: ‘It’s a natural fit.’

Mimmi Montgomery, for the New York Observer, filed her report about the marketing moves of a Midtown icon under the category-tag Keeping It Tight and a headline that begins: “Fruit of the Loon…

And, per the screen grab below, the New York Post wisely avoided any attempt to wink-reference its iconic “Headless…Topless…” headline with its crowning of an AP-based item.


The only thing missing from the media coverage is a clever Ratso Rizzo reference. From the AP article:

The New York City fixture — real name Robert Burck — who reached fame by strumming his guitar clad in only his underwear, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, will help launch the new line with promotions beginning Tuesday.

While he usually wears traditional white briefs, the marketing campaign will see him switch to Fruit of the Loom’s new underwear, which have tapered legs to prevent them from riding up. Also on Tuesday, samples and coupons will be given out in Times Square from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Two final notes:

1) The AP photo of Burck, above, by Frank Franklin II is fantastically composed.

2) Shockingly, at press time, none of the slides adorning the Fruit of the Loom U.S. website relate to Burck’s imminent Broadway re-debut. That needs to be fixed, pronto.