From VandeHei to Harris With Love

If Politico co-founders Jim VandeHei and John Harris weren’t close enough before, a love letter VandeHei sent to Harris this weekend should seal the deal.

VandeHei sent the letter to Harris and the rest of Politico’s staff Saturday to commemorate the publication’s third anniversary. Mostly the note was a big fat smooch to the editorial staff, but particularly Harris, to whom VandeHei expresses effusive praise. At one point VandeHei takes a big step in his relationship with Politico and says the three words everyone wants to hear and then some: “I love you Politico and all the people who bleed for it.”

Read the official, self-professed “ass-kissing” memo after the jump…


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Third Anniversary. Yes, it was three years ago today we somehow got a paper out the door and website live for all to see. It wasn’t perfect but it still captured the spirit of this place: fun, newsy, innovative and a bit chaotic. Back then, it was an open question: could a group of mainstream journalists really build a new media platform with impact and style – and make some money? There were many tense days when it seemed the answer might be NO. But three years later the answer is an emphatic YES. The reason is simple: it’s because of all of you and the generous, unblinking support of Robert Allbritton and Fred Ryan. Not to be sappy, but I love POLITICO and all the people who bleed for it. I say this all the time but it’s worth repeating: I have never seen more people work more hours with more passion than our team. That is our secret to success. We out-think and out-hustle the competition – and have a blast doing it. None of this would be possible if Robert and Fred didn’t keep pushing us to think bigger and shoot higher to create a dominant newsroom. The best part is we are only scratching the surface of our potential, journalistically and as a business proposition. We plan to keep the foot on the gas in the months and years ahead.

It is fitting that our anniversary comes at the end of a week that showed POLITICO at its finest. Our coverage of the chaos before the special election, our analysis of the results, our ahead-of-the-curve reporting on what it means for health care and Obama was first class.

I even had the pleasure of reading TWO pieces by my favorite writer in town: John F. Harris. This is a rare note not written by the two of us because I want to take this moment to kiss his ass. We are blessed with the best editor-in-chief in town, a man who thinks and writes about politics in ways I both envy and benefit from. I can’t imagine a better friend, colleague and partner for building a business.

With Harris, Mikey and all of you in the bunker, I always knew we would win the…

Jmart prowling hours

Thanks to all of you. We know this place is demanding. But we take great pride in watching all of you make every part of this operation rock: the technology, the editing, the web production, the reporting, the photography, the business and sales sides, the marketing, the video – and the promotion of all it.

Now let’s keep kicking more ass than a cross-eyed Rockette,