From the Institute for Advanced Celebrity Behavior Study

From the Institute for Advanced Celebrity Behavior Study

scheer.jpgI hope there’s a grad student out there writing a dissertation about the nexus between bad celebrity behavior, media coverage of bad celebrity behavior, and urban development: three forces that intersect in complex and interesting ways.

To wit: Ever since Amanda Scheer Demme took over the nightlife concession of the Roosevelt Hotel in a violent putsch (well, not really, but wouldn’t that be cool?), the once-sleepy tourist hotel has become a focal point of Bad Celebrity Behavior (BCB) in Los Angeles, as reported this weekend in the LAT:

There’s been no end to the dishy tidbits filtering out of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in the weeks since the ranking hipsters discovered the gorgeous but long-forgotten time capsule.

The arrests, the equipment seizures by LAPD’s vice squad, the reported Fourth of July antics in Lindsay Lohan’s suite, the news of Bruce Willis chatting up a coed in a cabana room, even Courtney Love’s recent drama there have helped, as controversy often does, elevate the hotel to near-superstar status in just two months.

Word-of-mouth on the Roosevelt is traveling like a flash fire, moving even faster than the crews finishing the hotel’s rooms, restaurants and salons, faster than the official publicity generated by the hotel’s team of expert trendsetters led by hip hotelier Jason Pomeranc and scene maker Amanda Scheer Demme.

What I would like to know is, is this BCB, and the attendant Media Coverage of the BCB (MCBCB), in a sense, created by the Roosevelt’s transformation as a Nightspot Worthy of Celebrity Attendance (NWCA)? Or, were it not for the Demme takeover of the Roosevelt, would the BCB merely be dispersed to other Los Angeles NWCAs? Put another way, is there a finite mass of BCB which is distributed in a continually shifting arrangement among the city’s NWCAs, or does a new NWCA actually create more BCB (and thus MCBCB)?

If anyone can answer this question convincingly, I’ll buy them a drink at the Roosevelt, if either of us can get in.