From the Dept. of BragriCulture…

Michelle Fields, reporter for The Daily Caller, has “amazing hair.” She’s a “great guest.” One day, we’ll all be working for Michelle Fields.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask her.  Over the weekend, Fields went to New York to tape an episode of Red Eye on Fox News.  And then spent the rest of her weekend politely and quietly responding to her supporters obnoxiously replying to and retweeting comments from her growing fan club to prove how much people love her and how sexy they think she is.

The fun began on Friday when she sent the following tweet:  “On my way to NYC. Going to be on @RedEyeFNC tonight. So excited! I hope you’ll watch!” Unfortunately, we missed it.  But, have no fear. Fields will let us know how she did through the magic of twitter.  In fact, she replied or retweeted about her appearance 46 TIMES over the weekend.

Some comments were innocent congratulatory notes like @ShannonPoe, who tweeted: “@MichelleFields nice job on your first #redeye appearance :)”  Others took a sharp left turn into Creepville.  Like @Furrystoat, who said “@MichelleFields hair is just magical “sigh” #RedEye.”  Or @DLMEsquire who says “@MichelleFields has some of the Most Amazing hair I have Ever seen. Please come back soon Michelle #RedEye.”  But perhaps the creepiest tweet comes from @jonnycinq who says “#legchair wow” and includes a picture. For those who don’t know, this means that “Jonny” noticed her thighs.

On some level, it’s all very endearing. The trouble is, these are all tweets that Fields retweeted herself.  She wants her followers to see these comments — so much so that even @Humblebrag noted it.

After a few days of this, we decided to test the experiment and tweet her ourselves.  We asked, “Would you say that for your appearance on #redeye , you were ‘Stunningly beautiful?’ Or ‘Drop dead gorgeous?’” Like clockwork, an hour later she retweeted it.  So, get creative!  Compliment @michellefields on her RedEye appearance and see what WON’T get retweeted.

Missed her appearance? We found it on Fields’ YouTube channel.