From: Journo, To: Facebook — Guess What I Did Today?!?

Guess which reporter put this on their Facebook page?

    Lately my job at [REDACTED] has been a bit more interesting than the grind that never seemed to stop.

    I’ve had the opportunity to cover the White House as the travel pool producer for five networks ([REDACTED]) a few days, ride in the President’s motorcade, go to St. John’s Babtist Church with Mr. and Mrs. Bush, cover the U.S. Senate, and I’ve gone out in the field to cover things for [REDACTED] a couple of times. Riding in the motorcade is pretty cool – especially driving on the Interstate when traffic hasn’t been shut down.

    Last Friday I somehow found myself covering the Senate as [REDACTED]’s off-air reporter. The House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution supporting the troops, but disapproving of President Bush’s planned surge of 21,500 troops to Baghdad. I was back in the Senate on Saturday as Sen. Harry Reid delayed recess and moved for cloture to vote on the House’s non-binding resolution. But the procedural measure fell four Aye’s short of the 60 it needed, and failed.

    On President’s Day I went out to the Maryland State House to field produce for a spot on [REDACTED]. Back in 1783, George Washington resigned his commission as General of the Continental Congress and made a brief speech there in the Old Senate Chamber. Basically, this speech turned the power of the military over to civilians after the last of the Red Coats went back to Great Britain. Five years later Washington was president. The copy he read from was bought by the State of Maryland for $1 million and I was there to do an interview with the archivist who led the effort to acquire the document and produce the shoot for [REDACTED]. He ended [REDACTED] that day with a package he voiced on this historic document coupled with some new video from JFK’s last motorcade ride.

    I almost feel like I’m starting to use my college degree. Many of you have been doing this for years, but I hope you can sympathize with me as I’ve sat in an edit room the past 14 months staring at all of this video and it’s been a breath of fresh air to get some fresh air.

    I was hoping to cover a presidential candidate during the 2008 campaigns, but after a few interviews and much discussion, it’s not happening this time around. I congratulate those who are.

    Tomorrow I’m covering the White House for the pool, and again on Monday for a few hours. Tuesday I return to my regular job in the office, so I’m sure that’ll be a day I’ll need to end with a healthy dose of alcohol.

    Here’s a photo I snapped on my cell phone of President Bush returning to the White House on Marine One today. It gets kind of windy out there when this monster lands.