Fringe Festival Celebrates 10th With Tom-Katie Production

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Fringe Festival, New York’s highly-regarded, often unwieldy celebration of “alternative” theater, with over 200 shows over the next couple weeks. This one we might actually have to see, if only for what appears to be the oddest-looking Tom Cruise (or is it Adam Goldberg?) impersonation ever:

I Was Tom Cruise

Redux Productions

Writer: Alexander Poe

Director: Alexander Poe and Joseph Varca

What would you give to be Tom Cruise? Frank is looking for a change. His marriage is on the rocks and his life isn’t what he expected, but a chance encounter with Tom is about to change everything.

1h 30m Manhattan New York Comedy Drama

VENUE #9: The Connelly Theater

Fri 11 @ 7:15

Tue 15 @ 3

Fri 18 @ 5:15

Sun 20 @ 4:30

Tue 22 @ 7:30

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  • Fringe Preview 2006 [New York]