Friday Wrap-Up: The End Of The Year Draws Nigh; Your Favorite Stories, And Your Comments

Many of you are heading out today—many of you already have. If you’re taking the next week off, have fun, and while we’d never advise you to worry about the media economy or about your own job while you’re relaxing with family, try not to forget all about us, okay?

Comment of the week goes to The Renegade Greenist on what happened to be our most popular story this week, the news that popular online blogger/web writer James Chartrand doesn’t exist. Indeed, Chartrand is a pen name for an anonymous woman who thought she might get better-paying gigs as a man. Turns out, she says, she did.

The Renegade Greenist responded:

I don’t think I would go to such an extreme as getting a virtual sex change, but if I had a family to feed, I would! But, the woman formerly known as “James” has to now consider her reputation and how dooped her clients must feel. All this time they thought they were connecting with a “dude” or “homeboy” and got a chick instead. From what I’ve heard men don’t like that kind of thing, not at a night club or anywhere. It seems like she may have to start all over building her brand. I don’t think it was worth it.

To which we say, Renegade Greenist, is that your real name or are you trying to pull one on us, eh?

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And here’s some stuff for you to read over the weekend, not that you will. Now go play in the snow.