Friday Poll: Whose Fault is Donald Trump?

Someone to blame.

If Trump were a condition to be gotten over in stages, we’re probably at Stage 5 or so. Past our excitement over the prospects of incendiary and entertaining comments to give life to this too-long campaign, past the excitement over rising page views, delivered like an effortless gift, past the realization that the gift has strings, that it has created an unstoppable spectacle that has crowded out almost all other election-related discourse, dragging political media into an ever-enlarging snowball of coverage whose momentum only increases.

We find ourselves now at the fact-finding stage, trying to determine exactly who is at fault.

Is it the media, collectively, who just can’t resist the effortless politcal theatre a Trump scene offers?

Is it the GOP, who either encouraged Trump through its more conservative wings, or did nothing to discourage his rise?

Or is it the public, the readers, whose interest, eyeballs and clicks encourage us to keep Trumpin’ along?

Vote below: