Friday Photo: Wild Style!

A U.K. poster for the 1983 film Wild Style!, directed by Charlie Ahearn.

London-based interaction designer and movie buff Eddie Shannon set out to digitize his massive collection of film posters so he could admire them without the risk of damaging the more fragile specimens. Two years and 12,000 digital photographs later, he has launched Film on Paper, an online movie poster archive that spans film genres, design styles, and countries. “All of the posters were bought because of my liking for the design or artwork and none were added to the collection as an investment,” notes Shannon, who began his collection in 1994 and now limits his acquisitions to posters from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. He’s particularly fond of those that feature original illustrated artwork by the likes of Drew Struzan, John Alvin, and Bob Peak. Meticulous documentation and a handy search box make it easy to find their work and to discover a few new favorites of your own.