Friday Photo: Paris Is a Woman’s Town

(Photo: New York Public Library)

WWD has confirmed our exclusive report of Chanel’s imminent pop-up shop partnership with Paris boutique Colette. The temporary store, opening Tuesday in a former garage on Rue Saint Honoré, will stock items ranging from gritty (graffiti-covered handbags, scooter helmets) to glam (spring looks from Chanel, Eres maillots) as well as a few extraspecial offerings, including nimble-fingered Lemarié craftspeople demonstrating how to create a camellia (house artisans supply Chanel with approximately 20,000 of the blooms each year). Book that Air France flight tout suite, because the shop is only open for ten days. All of which brings us to our Friday Photo: the dust jacket for Paris Is a Woman’s Town, a 1929 lady’s guide to the City of Light written by Helen Josephy and Mary Margaret McBride, described on the inside flap as “well-known newspaper women.” The worldly pair, who may or not have resembled the rather stout figures depicted on their book’s cover, dispense plenty of advice for the Paris-bound, as “the average woman on her first trip is abashed and even frightened by the unfamiliar language and scenes about her.” Lesson one: watch out for that evil-looking guy with the cane!