Everything You Haven’t Read About ‘Serial’

serialOn Thursday I wake up to a bunch of WhatsApp messages from my London-based friend. Turns out the career woes we Skyped about earlier in the week are moot — there’s a new episode of “Serial” to listen to.

I won’t go into what “Serial” is, because if you don’t know by now, where have you been? But will you be let down because of all the hype? No. If anything, you have around 8 hours to listen to. It will be like that one time you signed into Netflix and hit play on “Orange is the New Black.” See  you on Monday. As a radio junkie, I was waiting for “Serial,” I heard the teasers, I was ready for it. I didn’t know I would become obsessed or that I would be sending text messages across the Atlantic Ocean begging for no spoilers!

We posted this article from the Washington Post on our Facebook page, and Facebook notified us this morning that it’s been performing better than any of our other, original, posts this week. Thanks a lot guys. So I’m going to give you what you want on this frigid Friday morning.

1) Because “Serial” isn’t just about the murder. Well, I guess it is. But what makes it so enthralling, and better than an episode of “Dateline” is the storytelling. That cheeky way Sarah Koenig tells you she’ll get to something later (later?!?! when!?!). Like a good episode of “True Detective,” or “Breaking Bad,” we get some action packed installments where we learn new things and then we step back and talk to another lawyer or a retired cop about issues surrounding the plot. Adrienne LeFrance sums up the allure of “Serial” in this piece from The Atlantic.

2) Just in case you like to really follow along, Vox has created an interactive guide to all of the characters. There’s timestamps, brief descriptions, and Soundcloud links to the episodes.

3) I don’t know what’s worse: going down the rabbit hole with redditors or with Slate podcasters, but either way, if you never want to leave the Baltimore suburbs or that Best Buy parking lot, you don’t have to. But you should, you know, let’s not lose ourselves here. And then there’s this, satirizing everything down to the MailChimp promo:

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