The Key to Freemium Success is…


More and more media companies are going the freemium route: providing free content alongside paid content. But how can we garner the same success that companies like Hootsuite and YouSendIt are enjoying?

We asked speakers for our upcoming Freemium Summit East conference to finish this sentence: The key to freemium success is _________.

Amit Kulkarni
of Manymoon: Platforms

“Cloud platforms, and their associated marketplaces, are a great way to reduce sales and marketing costs, since customers actively look for applications on their own.”

Brent Chudoba
of SurveyMonkey: Discipline
“Successful freemium applications do a great job of solving the core needs of the majority of their target audience. Applications that are simple, engaging and fast invite new users in, while complexity and poor performance can often scare them away.”

Owen Tripp of ReputationDefender: Seduction
“What’s really going to make your product mainstream — and that’s what you want with Freemium, after all — is its ability to seduce, to turn heads. Your product or service must be unique and differentiated from what already exists on the market, including your own product line.”

Jonathan Boutelle
of Slideshare: Measurement
“You need to work hard on converting free users to paid users, for sure. But you also need to focus like a laser on minimizing churn, and that requires big changes to your measurement and data infrastructure.”

Daniel Freeman of Atlassian: Front loading the customer value
“When buyers trust a company to offer a great product and premium support without any strings attached, they will select your premium offerings when they have the budget and recommend your product to their friends.”

Hear more from these pioneers of the fastest-growing business model at Freemium Summit East on October 25 in New York City.