Freelancers Stiffed By

There’s strength in numbers, so freelance writers for are banding together – all in the hopes of getting paid. Dozens of freelancers who report being unable to collect payment for work they did for the website have formed a group called WAAANKAA – short for Writers Angry At Artinfo Not Kidding Around Anymore. describes itself as “the online destination of Louise Blouin Media, the world’s leading cultural media group.” Blouin Media also publishes the print magazines Modern Painters, Culture+Travel, Gallery Guide, and Art+Auction.
Blouin Media president Ben Hartley sounded a wee bit defensive about the unpaid writers in a statement, reported by the New York Post:

“Like many companies, we have been adjusting our payment cycles to more closely align with the timing of our actual revenues,” Hartley said. “The past six months have been a time of unprecedented growth for Louise Blouin Media. Despite the difficult environment, Art + Auction magazine has recorded significant year-on-year increases in advertising revenue.”

Presumably Mr. Hartley is still collecting a regular paycheck, timing of revenues be damned.