Free With Your Subscription to UnBeige


Spencer Cross is kind of like the patron saint of design right now. He spent last night helping dozens of beer-drinking designers make buttons just for fun, and today he gave us access to this ultra-rad list of resources that we thought we’d turn right around and give to you. Because you’re worth it.

You actually don’t even have to subscribe to UnBeige to take advantage of this free gift, but we’d love it if you did. Or at least bookmark this entry and return here again. And again.

In order of usefulness.

Stock Photography



Open Photo Project

Pixel Perfect Digital




Misprinted Type
(look under Goodies)

(under Downloads)

Jason Gaylor


Mayang’s Textures
(you can buy a DVD of all of these for $45)

graysage Texture Backdrops
(Unclear about usage restrictions, but if you’re planning on using them as source material and not as is then you’re probably okay.)

Vector Logos

Brands of the World

Webchantier Vector Image Portal
(Click on Logos Bank on the top-ish right. They also have fonts and random stuff.)

Brushes, Plug-ins, Pretty Much a Carnival

Adobe Studio Exchange

Thanks Saint Spencer, for everything.