Free Star Trek Klingon Phrasebook for iPhone


Let’s say your heading for your fifth viewing of the current Star Trek movie dressed in your favorite ST:TNG era Klingon garb and you run into a gang of actual Klingon’s who mistake you for a comrade. Wouldn’t you want to clarify this misunderstanding in their own language to avoid the business end of a bat’leth? Of course!

In situations like that, you might find this free iPhone app…

Star Trek: Klingon Phrasebook 1.0 (iTunes App Store)

…from Simon & Schuster (publishers of Star Trek novels in the U.S.) very handy.

The phrasebook provides a few handy phrases. Audio pronounciations in both English and Klingon are available for each phrase. A couple of the English (but not Klingon) phrases are recordings of Michael Dorn (Lt. Worf on ST:TNG) uttering the phrase.

You’ll notice that three of the four buttons at the bottom of the screen are grayed out. This is because those apps are paid apps from Simon & Schuster: Conversational Klingon ($3.99), Klingon Suite ($11.99) and Klingon Dictionary ($9.99).