Free E-book Gets Small Biz onto Mobile

The 15,000 or so applications available for the iPhone come from an incredible variety of companies – from the biggest media outlets to tiny start-ups just coming out of the gate. This new outlet, and all the coming application storefronts launched or announced at Mobile World Congress, show that yes, mobile is a platform that’s open to marketers of all shapes and sizes.

To help small companies that don’t have a clue about how to take advantage of this rich environment, Velocity Partners, a B2B technology marketing agency, has published a free e-book. Available for download from, Marketing Your Small Business on the Mobile Web: The guide to low-cost, high-impact mobile marketing, discusses just what exactly the mobile Web is, how people use it, how your business can benefit from it, how to create your first mobile site and promote it, and how to choose the right domain name.

There are also 10 tips for developing a “great” mobile Web site as well as info about Instant Mobilizer, a new, free tool from dotMobi that’s supposed to make it easy to turn a basic “.com” site into a “.mobi” mobile site.