How To Get Free Bagels On Facebook

Einstein Bros Bagels just introduced an interesting marketing scheme: Give Bagels away to every person who signs up as a Fan on Facebook! I encourage you to become a fan today and get yourself a free breakfast. Since January 24th, the fan page has grown from 41,278 Fans to 343,169 fans: That is 301,000 new fans, and 301,000 Bagels.

Interesting to observe the pretty harsh criticisms that show up every on the original Facebook Developers’ Board post about their ads and on the Fan Page itself. We can see a lot of people criticizing the taste of Einstein’s bagels. This of course is the problem with allowing user comments on your fan page: negative feedback can become the most prominent feature on the site.

Coming from the games Industry, this is the reason why publishers sometimes delay releasing any news about their games to the press, because that negative opinion can be extremely hurtful on sales. I can only imagine this causes big corporations to worry about the negatives of Facebook Fan pages as well.