Freakonomics Meets Playboy

Freakonomics blogger Stephen J. Dubner obviously understands the fine art of self-promotion. He kicked off his New York Times blog with a post on the most effective way for terrorists to kill mass amounts of people to the unending consternation of some in the conservative blogosphere. Now, Dubner is on to awesome publicity stunt number two: Having Playboy‘s editorial director, Chris Napolitano, guest blog. There are lots of questions, lots of answers and plenty of inside baseball regarding the magazine world. Not to mention a whole lot of subscribers to Playboy in the southern states:

Q: Has the rise in Christian fundamentalism in the last decade or so had any affect on the willingness of retailers to carry the magazine?

A: Ah, the Bible Belt. Where our retail for single copy is thin, we see a spike in subscriptions. Even so, Playboy is more evenly distributed throughout the country than our competitors. We’re like a news weekly in that regard.