Freakish Dwarf Actor Who’ll Never Win an Oscar Unless He Buys One at Auction Vs. Dazed and Confused Octogenarian

The best thing about Nikki Finke’s writing is that you can really tell how she feels. Her latest post on Sumner Redstone’s canning of Tom Cruise: Who’s Crazier: Viacom or Tom Cruise pretty much lays out every pecadillo that’s every happened on the Paramount lot since the days of the silents.

Here’s the money shot:

My god, Sumner himself was openly shtupping one of his producer girlfriends on the lot for years. And let’s not forget he looked the other way when Les Moonves carried on a long adulterous affair with employee Julie Chen and then married her after dumping his wife in the process, which is a violation of so many corporate codes of conduct that I don’t think I can count that high.

She also manages to get in Robert Evans, Heidi Fleiss, Anthony Pellicano, Brad Grey, and even more, as she says:

I could reel off for you 10 people now with rich studio deals, some at Paramount, who should be in jail or rehab or the Funny Farm but instead are well-paid miscreants.

Considering Redstone was quoted as saying about Cruise in the Wall Street Journal report e-mailed to reporters:

His recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount.

what did he think was going to happen? It’s Body Thetans vs. lawyers in a grudge match: this time it’s personal.

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